Declutter Your Home Office With Tips from Highly Organized Planners

The way you declutter and organize your home office directly affects your productivity and happiness.

Whether you’re a student, stay-at-home parent, homeschooler, freelancer or executive, organization, it’s time to take control of your workspace!

Discover 10 tips from highly organized planners for decluttering and organizing your office so you can enjoy more productivity and work-life satisfaction.

1. Create a desktop that reflects your personal style.

The way you organize your workspace can speak volumes about your behavior and have a noticeable impact on your working habits. Focus on your personalized & customized style, and find a desktop makeover that suits it!

2. Waste no space.

Transform empty wall space in your office with a Wall Organization Center. Write reminders, notes & quotes, listing to-dos, doodles, sketches & other office items on your whiteboard, instead of cluttering your desk with more paper.

Waste no space

3. Let there be light!

Good lighting is proven to make you happier and more productive. When arranging the light in your workspace, make sure your home office lamps fit into your overall home organization without taking up unnecessary space.

4. Declutter daily.

To stay on top of the clutter, declutter a little bit every day so those daily items don’t pile up on you and make a mess of your desk! Virtually anything you practice on a daily basis will become a habit. So, if you want to create good organization habits, organize at least one thing every day. Add it to your planner as a recurring daily to-do.

 Declutter daily

5. Find your ideal office temperature.

Researchers have discovered that a room’s temperature can directly affect your productivity. Keep this in mind with your organization solutions. Make sure your home office is warm (or cool) enough for you to get your best work done!

6. Don’t be afraid to add extra storage.

If things are piling up on your desk and you don’t know where to put them, then do what highly organized people do: get more storage. Consider what organization solutions you need and how cabinets, shelves, organizers and/or drawers can help manage your workflow. Then, create your own hub of organization with all storage you need!

Don’t be afraid to add extra storage
We love how homeschooling mom Jennifer Mackintosh customized her Wall Organization Center and extra storage!

7. Keep cables under control.

We’ve all been tripped up by tangled cords crisscrossing your workspace. Take a moment to unravel that web and organize those cables. The decluttering experts at LifeHacker suggested different ways to hide or organize your wires in the office.

8. Make sure everything in your home office works.

No need to test every pen, pencil, stapler and marker in your workspace. But if you find something that’s not working, fix it or recycle it. This will save you time and help you keep up your home office organization.

9. Keep your most important papers in front of you.

Bills, urgent notices, reminders and more … make it easier to keep your priority papers within view with a magnetic wall organizer. Make paper organization multifunctional with stylish magnets that add a pop of color to your office dĂ©cor.

Magnetic Wall Organization Center

10. Tame that junk drawer!

If you’ve got a junk drawer, it’s time to tame it. Instead of stuffing that drawer with pencils, rubber bands, plastic forks, make-up, scissors, etc., the planners at Forbes suggest you declutter and organize junk drawer items, relocating useful items to easy-to-find and store places, and tossing the rest out.

Ready to get organized so you can get things done and have some fun? Start with these office desk decor tips and the game-changing Wall Organization Center!

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