The LifePlanner™ Is a Lifestyle Our Team Lives (and Thrives) By

If keeping up with the demands of daily life feels overwhelming, it's not just you (the struggle is real). Balancing work, family, hobbies, and personal goals can be a challenge, leaving little time for self-care and reflection. Fortunately, there are tools available to help manage these responsibilities and reduce stress. One such tool is the Erin Condren LifePlanner™, the best-selling EVERYTHING planner combining the best functions of a calendar, checklist, and journal in one stylish space.

More than a planner, the LifePlanner™ is a lifestyle our Erin Condren team lives (and thrives) by. Below, we'll explore the experiences of our EC team through real-life testimonials — because, yes, even the makers of planners need planners to keep making planners. As our team shares, you will learn how the LifePlanner™ has helped us stay organized, reduce stress, and live more meaningful, fulfilling lives through organization.

“From work projects to quality family time, reaching my career milestones and planning for my kids’ playdates and schoolwork, my LifePlanner™ is what keeps it all together.” -Stephanie, Director of Brand Partnerships & Events

"I love how my LifePlanner™ design and layout are customized to fit my schedule and style. Just having it on my desk encourages me to plan ahead instead of trying to track a million moving pieces in my mind." -Tori, Sr. Director of Brand Marketing

"The vertical LifePlanner™ setup makes it easier to break up a full week of meetings, appointments, and to-dos into organized daily chunks. It's a game-changer for my time management, which frees up more time for what really matters." -Hannah, Performance Marketing Manager

"Year after year, I witness the lifecycle of the LifePlanner™. I see how much research and creativity our team puts into designing it. I see it hand-coiled and packaged with care by our Austin production team. And, then I get to meet customers in our stores and in planning workshops and see how they use the LifePlanner™ to live fuller more joyful lives." -Karen, Head of Operations and Retail

"The busier I get, the more need I have to stay focused on what's really important. I find both the LifePlanner™ and its minimalist cousin, the Focused Planner™, really live up to their name." -Glory, eComm Catalog Coordinator

"As a web designer, I'm used to digital planning tools, but screen fatigue can definitely take its toll. When I started working for Erin Condren, I tried using their paper planning tools and haven't looked back. There's definitely something to be said about the benefits of writing things down and creating more balance in the way you live and work. EC gets it." -Will, UX/UI Designer

"The LifePlanner™ can be a life-changer for anyone who wants to improve their daily and weekly routines, enjoy more intentional living, and be better prepared for Life's many surprises." - Debbie, Head of Wholesale

"I truly believe that writing down a goal is the first step towards reaching it. And I know the Daily LifePlanner™ helps me not only chip away at them day by day, but it also helps me keep my priorities straight and capture key things I learn each day." - Lindsay, Creative Director of eComm & Wholesale

"When I'm on digital devices all day and need a digital detox, I love to unplug, destress, and plan in peace in my planner. LifePlanner™ therapy is real." -Lindsey, Performance Marketing Manager

As you can see, the LifePlanner™ has become more than just a planner for our Erin Condren team – it has become a way of life. By using this tool, we have been able to manage our busy schedules, reduce stress, and make time for the things that truly matter. We hope that our stories have inspired you to consider using the LifePlanner™ to organize your own life and achieve your goals.

Use these popular planning guides created by our experts to help you choose the best LifePlanner™ for your needs and style + scoop tons of planner tips and prompts for year-round inspiration and motivation:

With the ability to customize your organizer to your own unique needs and style, the possibilities are endless. Start planning and living a life you love today; start with the LifePlanner™.