How to Use Washi Tape in Your Planner & All The Tips Below

How to Use Washi Tape in Your Planner & All The Tips Below

Washi tape, paper tape, sticky tape, oh my! From decorating to planning to bullet journaling and beyond, there are so many wonderful (and practical) ways to use washi tape. Here are our top tips for how to use colorful tape in your planner or notebook so you can stick to stylish organization.

How To Use Washi Tape in Your Planner

1. Block off time in your calendar.

From marking extended periods of time in your calendar like for vacation to adding regular time buffers in your weekly schedule, use washi tape for time blocking.

Pro tip: Use thinner washi tape for hourly planner layouts to block off time in your daily schedule.

2. Color code multiple schedules.

Manage multiple schedules in your planner by using a different color of washi tape for each team member or family member.

3. Decorate, motivate, and celebrate!

Add more color, dimension, and motivation to your planner with decorative paper tape to beautify your planner or celebrate events and holidays that bring you joy!

4. Turn note pages into structured spaces.

Explore different ways of laying out washi tape in the note pages of your planner to create custom sections for extended planning spreads, charts, checklists, and more.

5. Mark pages, in style!

Create stylish, full-length page markers by folding a strip of washi tape over the edge of the page you want to mark. Mark as many pages or sections in your planner as you like. It creates a beautiful effect and it makes flipping through your planner that much easier!

6. Streamline bullet journaling.

If you love bullet journaling, try using productivity washi tape in your notebook to create instant bulleted lists and add functional hourly planning to any dot grid journal.

There are so many ways to washi, but the best way is your way! Explore and have fun working out your favorite way to use washi tape, paper tape, and stickers to add more fun and function to your planner.

Streamline bullet journaling

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