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Top custom notebooks with five layout options. Write, journal, take notes, make lists, and more with sturdy, stylish spiral notebooks!

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Large Notebooks (7" x 9" and 8.5" x 11")

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Small A5 Notebooks

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Meeting Notebooks

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3 subject notebooks

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best notebook is one that suits your unique needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a custom coiled notebook, classic spiral notebook, a lay-flat softbound notebook, or a big-picture calendar + notebook, our collection has something for everyone.

We offer a diverse range of notebooks to cater to different preferences. Our five main types of notebooks are custom coiled notebooks, classic spiral notebooks, lay-flat softbound notebooks, 3 subject notebooks, guided journals and notebooks, and all-in-one planner journals and calendar notebooks. Each type is designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and organization.

The best paper quality for notebooks ranges from 80-120 gsm. Erin Condren notebooks offer the top paper quality at 120 gsm (or 80 lbs text weight). This ensures a smooth writing experience, minimizes bleed-through, and provides the perfect canvas for your thoughts, plans, and designs.

For college, our 3 Subject Notebooks and our Academic Planners (which combine a school agenda, projects and exams tracker, and notebook in one) are fantastic choices. Customize them to fit your academic needs and personal style–from the covers, colorful covers, and additional accessories. Stay organized and inspired throughout your college journey with an Erin Condren notebook or Academic Planner.

Our lined notebooks and guided journals are ideal for journaling, providing the perfect space to express your thoughts, dreams, and reflections. With thoughtfully designed layouts and beautiful covers, these notebooks inspire creativity and make journaling a delightful experience. If you like to journal, plan, and track your productivity all in one place, our LifePlanners are the perfect planner journals–combining the best functions of a calendar, checklist, and journal in one.

Enhance your work productivity with our Focused Notebooks. Designed to keep you organized and focused, these notebooks feature functional layouts, quality paper, and sophisticated covers, making them the perfect companion for your professional life.

We offer a wide variety of notebooks perfect for planning and so much more! For big-picture planning + note-taking, use the Monthly Planner–our top calendar + notebook. For an EVERYTHING planner, checklist, and journal in one, you can’t go wrong with the LifePlanner™. For dedicated planning notebooks with prompts to keep you focused and on track, discover our collection of guided journals and prompted planners. And for the ultimate flexibility and creativity wrapped up in a single notebook, customize one of our spiral and coiled notebooks to fit your writing and planning needs to a T.

Benefits of Writing by Hand in a Notebook?

At Erin Condren, we understand the unique advantages putting pen to paper brings. Here are some benefits of writing in notebooks:

  • Enhanced Memory and Learning: Writing by hand improves memory retention and comprehension, fostering a deeper understanding of the material.
  • Personal Connection: Handwriting adds a unique and personal touch to your ideas, creating a tangible and meaningful connection between you and your thoughts.
  • Boosted Creativity: The act of handwriting encourages free-flowing creativity, allowing for doodling, sketching, and spontaneous ideas to flourish.
  • Reduced Distractions: Writing in a notebook provides a distraction-free space, free from digital interruptions, allowing you to focus on your thoughts without the lure of notifications.
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation: The rhythmic motion of handwriting has a calming effect, promoting mindfulness and reducing stress as you engage with the tactile experience.
  • Improved Goal Achievement: Writing down goals in a notebook clarifies objectives, making them more concrete, and regular review keeps you motivated and on track.
  • Unplugged Connection: Handwriting offers a break from screens, allowing you to unplug, enjoy a more tactile experience, and establish an intimate connection with your thoughts.

Embrace the benefits of handwriting with an Erin Condren notebook, where every page becomes a canvas for your unique expression and creativity.

Notebook and Journaling Tips and Ideas

Here are our favorite journaling tips and creative notebook ideas shared by our experts:

Combining the best functionality of notepads, organizers, to-do lists, and composition notebooks all in one, explore our collection of the best notebooks for note-taking, bullet journaling, planning, writing and journaling, memory-keeping, and more! Capture your creativity and inspiration in our custom notebooks and journals, perfectly portable, easy to slip into backpacks for writing on the go, and the ideal companion to our planners and office supplies for all-around organization. Start by designing a stylish spiral notebook that fits your aesthetic. We have customization options to fit any style and schedule, and nearly every custom notebook and spiral journal detail can be switched up to match your tastes and writing needs. Options for custom notebook pages include college-ruled lines, college-ruled lines with sidebar checklists, dot grid pages for bullet journaling, graph paper, and more. Choose from different soft cover designs (including laminate interchangeable cover options on some designs) and coil colors to make the personalized journal of your dreams or spiral notebook or composition notebook full of functionality.

Working on a dedicated project that needs streamlined organization, or are you writing the next great American novel? No matter your needs, our custom notebooks are the perfect addition to your office supplies and will help you achieve your goals while adding more writing capabilities to your favorite planners and organizers. If you want to personalize your spiral notebook even more, complement its pages with easy-to-use accessories like snap-in dashboards, writing tools, and sticky notes. The more you make your journal your own, the more motivated you’ll be to use it each day.

Whether you want fun and pretty notebooks that reflect your personality, or functional, high-quality notebooks for the office, explore our full collection of spiral-bound notebooks and journals to find the best notebooks for you. From classic college-ruled notebooks to composition notebooks to bullet journals and spiral-bound to-do lists and notepads, your perfect custom notebook is waiting for you to personalize it to match your unique style.

You may also like our personalizable, soft cover journals and softbound notebooks, custom backpacks and totes, custom notepads, and full line of planners and office supplies to complete your organization system. And if you need a little extra organization, we recommend a weekly planner which combines the best of a journal, calendar, and checklist in one!