Softbound Notebooks

softbound notebooks featuring assorted cover designs.

Enjoy smooth, lay-flat writing, journaling, note-taking, list-making, and more with our personalized softbound notebooks and journals.

  • 124 Pages of Thick 80 Lb. Paper
  • Sleek & Portable 5" x 8.25" Sizing
  • Sturdy Vegan Leather Covers
  • Lay-Flat, Lefty-Friendly & Built to Last
  • NEW Vegan Leather Cover Designs
  • NEW & Improved Productivity Layout
  • 2 Page Layout Choices: Lined (with New Calendar Feature!) or Productivity (with More Checklists & Added Functionality!)
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Benefits of Writing by Hand in a Journal or Notebook?

At Erin Condren, we understand the unique advantages putting pen to paper brings. Here are some benefits of writing in journals and notebooks:

Embrace the benefits of handwriting with an Erin Condren softbound notebook, where every page becomes a canvas for your unique expression and creativity.

Notebook and Journaling Tips and Ideas

Here are our favorite journaling tips and creative notebook ideas shared by our experts:

More About Erin Condren Softbound Notebooks and Journals

Unleash your creativity with Erin Condren Softbound Notebooks and journals. Choose from multiple page layout options to customize your writing and journaling experience. Beautifully designed and perfectly sized, these 5” x 8.25” journals are functional, fashionable, and conveniently portable. Slip one into your purse or backpack so you can take notes, put your thoughts into writing, set goals, or capture inspiration before it slips away. Our lay-flat notebooks and journals are lefty-friendly and can be personalized. Each soft cover journal has 124 pages of thick, high-quality 80 lb. paper, perfect for streamlined note-taking, bullet journaling, productivity tracking, list-making, and so much more. Choose from several sturdy vegan leather cover designs, many of which coordinate with our stationery so you can mix and match to show off your personal style.

You can also customize your stylish notebooks and journals with our range of accessories. These include writing tools like colorful pens and markers, magnetic dashboards, stickers, sticky notes, and more. Use these items to help better organize your writing, mark goals and deadlines, or provide additional details to plans that you’ve sketched out. Track different goals and plans with color-coded markers, or add a formal touch to your journaling with our ballpoint pens. To complete your journaling collection, coordinate with matching pencil cases and pouches.