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Achieve your financial goals with the NEW Clever Girl Finance Budget Planner and NEW budgeting accessories. Make every penny count!
Budgeting Tools
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Erin Condren and Clever Girl Finance Erin Condren and Clever Girl Finance

Clever Girl Finance
Budget Planner

Get on track with the new Clever Girl
Finance Budget Book.

Why You’ll Love it

12 months of easy budgeting.

Trackers for savings, spending & more.

Guided layout with budget hacks + tips.

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Budget Planners

Budgeting Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

When you learn how to make a budget (and follow it), you take control of your finances rather than letting your finances control you (it's a functional way to reduce stress, too!). Budgeting allows you to keep track of your spending, prepare for unexpected emergencies, and create a plan to get out of debt so you are closer to reaching your financial goals.

Our Erin Condren budget planners and budget books take the guesswork out of budgeting and guide you to create easy, effective budgets. For a non-prompted, more customizable budgeting tool, our monthly planners are extremely versatile and can be used as a budget planner to keep your finances organized. Large monthly planning spreads and extra productivity pages can help you plan your next vacation, event, or simply organize your monthly expenditures one month at a time. Don’t forget to add our budget stickers that add a unique touch to financial planning and use creative designs to visualize dates in your monthly planner like “payday” with colorful dollar bill stickers.

Our Snap-In Monthly Bill Tracker Dashboard adds the perfect touch to any planner or notebook. Get creative with bill-tracking using the wet-erase tracking grid to plan expenses for the month or quarter. Track your bills on one side and your savings and debts on the other to reach your budgeting goals! Designed to fit any of our spiral notebooks, planners, and journals, 7" x 9" and larger.

Our Budget Planner and Budget Book are both best-selling budgeting tools that offer guided content to help you track your income, debts, and spending so you can set budget effectively and reach your financial goals. The main difference between the two is that the Budget Planner has twice the number of pages, is tabbed for added organization, and is spiral bound so you can use any A5-friendly Erin Condren snap-in accessories with it to expand its functionality. The Budget Book, on the other hand, is a flat, flexible, portable PetitePlanner perfect for trying out a starter budget planner (and great for gifting!).

Our effective, easy-to-use budgeting tools are designed to help you keep the chaos of the world out of your wallet so you can save more and stress less. Combine budgeting best sellers and save with our budget bundles, featuring the tools you need to make budgeting easy (and a bit fun with stickers and colorful pens and markers). If you're looking for a dedicated budget planner, we have a few options that range from a spiral, color-coded, and tabbed budget planner to a flexible budget book or budget journal. You can also add a budgeting dashboard or budget planning inserts to an existing Erin Condren spiral planner or A5 Ring Agenda to organize everything in one convenient place.

Don't forget accessories to help you organize and save money like our Budget Accordion Files — perfect for organizing coupons, receipts, cash, and more. If you prefer less structure, you'll want to check out our custom Monthly Planners — a favorite among customers for budgeting and special projects. With so many budgeting tools designed with today's economy in mind, it's never been easier to take back control of your money and make it work for YOU.