Guided Journals

Assorted guided journals and accessories.

Make each day a little easier, happier, and more organized with guided journals and planners.

  • Find (and keep) true work-life balance.
  • Improve productivity and reach goals.
  • Track wellness, self-care, and routines.
  • Budget, meal plan, and organize it all.
  • Reflect and refocus on what matters most.
  • Journals for health and wellness, faith & work-life balance.
  • Planners for home organization, budgeting, travel, and more.
  • Planners for parents, families, and starter journals for kids.
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you’re new to journaling, our personalizable Softbound Notebooks offer a simple, stylish introduction, with a personal touch. They’re lay-flat for smooth writing, compact for portability, and feature thick paper that resists ink showing through. These journals are perfect for capturing fleeting thoughts and inspiration wherever you go. Choose the lined page option for traditional journaling or the productivity page option for a blend of lines and checklists for journaling and productivity tracking. Remember, journaling is a deeply personal experience, so experiment and discover what resonates with you.

Select a journal that aligns with your unique goals, writing needs, and style. To focus on one particular goal, like prioritizing self-care or meal planning, you'll get the job done faster with a guided journal with specific prompts and trackers. If you thrive with more structure and meticulous organization, consider planner journals that combine the functions of a calendar, checklist, and journal in one. If you’re drawn to free-flowing expression and artistic exploration, get creative with custom notebooks you can design to fit your unique and creative style.

As paper lovers, we’re obsessed with quality you can feel. That's why we design our notebooks and journals in the USA with durable covers, sturdy binding, and premium 120 gsm (or 80 lb. text weight) paper for a luxurious writing experience.

When you’re pouring your thoughts, feelings, dreams, and goals into a journal, the last thing you want is the ink to smear or bleed through. Thick, high-quality paper–the higher end is 120 gsm (80 lb. text weight)–is best so you can stay in the flow of journaling, and not worry about the unwanted flow of ink through the pages.

Here’s a breakdown of the different journal features and their benefits to help you find the right one:

  • Size: Consider your portability needs. Smaller journals offer convenient portability, while larger ones provide extra space for more writing, mood tracking, visual mapping, and more.
  • Number of Pages: For more prolific writers (and doodlers), you’ll want to a journal with a higher page count (roughly 160 pages). For minimalists and shorter bursts of inspiration, smaller journals might be your ideal choice (80-124 pages).
  • Page Layout: While lined pages provide subtle guidance, unlined journals offer complete freedom for unfettered expression. Other functional page layouts include dot grid (for bullet journaling and a combination of structure and freedom), graph (for school, charting, and for creating unique journaling and planning page structure), priorities and notes (for outlining your priorities on one side and journaling and note-taking on the other), and productivity (a page layout that combines lines for writing and checklists for productivity tracking). Which page layout best aligns with your journaling style?
  • Binding Type: Coiled (or spiral-bound) notebooks can hold more paper and, in the case of Erin Condren spiral and coiled notebooks, you can add on snap-in accessories to enhance your journal. Softbound journals, however, are more portable and offer a lay-flat, lefty-friendly, and sleek feel. As for ring agenda journaling inserts, they combine the best of customization and portability since you can add different page layouts, arrange them however you like, and carry it all in a portable binder folio. Explore different binding types to find what works best for your journaling habits.

Journaling is a practice that provides a creative outlet and an opportunity to set goals, reflect on accomplishments, and fine-tune plans. Our journal collection comes in multiple formats to meet your needs. Have a particular intention or goal in mind? Select a guided journal or prompted journal with journaling pages that help you reach your specific goal. Choose from a health planner, a meal planner with checklists and prompts for organizing your weekly menu and food journaling, a Family Organizer Books to keep you on track with family and social commitments, or a faith journal that can help you stay consistent in your spiritual practice. And if you’re always on the go, you’ll love our portable PetitePlanners, Petite Journals, and A5 planners that come in a travel-friendly size. Of course, if you would prefer to work with a traditional notebook for freestyle journaling, we can help you with that too!

Another option is a personalized journal you can use for creative and personal expression. A custom journal is a wonderful gift, particularly for someone who might be encountering new challenges or a life transition. Our customization and personalization options let you choose from different covers, bindings, and pages. You can also use our stickers, bookmarks, and sticky notes to enhance your journal and customize it further. No matter what type of journal you need, we can help you find the one that works best for you.

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