Create My Own Agenda Planner

Are you someone who likes to stay organized and plan out your days, weeks, and months? Or maybe you need an ultra-flexible organizer to help you do so? Then you might want to consider using a planner to help you keep track of everything.

And if you want a planner that's fully customizable, portable, and has lots of storage, then you’ll want to create your own agenda planner perfectly suited to meet your needs and planning level. Enter the Erin Condren Ring Agenda Planner System.

The Erin Condren Ring Agenda Planner System is a six-ring folio that comes with calendar and planning inserts. But the beauty of this system is that you can add on other inserts to build your perfect planner. Here's how to create your own Erin Condren Ring Agenda Planner:

How to Build Your Perfect Ring Agenda Planner

Choose your Ring Agenda cover, daily or weekly planner inserts, then add on your favorite extra content or note page inserts. Whether you're adding budgeting, wellness, or journaling inserts, this option gives you the ability to build the planner best suited for your life and organization needs.

Step 1: Choose Your Ring Agenda Cover.

Choose the right ring agenda cover

The first step is to choose the ring agenda cover for your planner. Made with soft-yet-sturdy vegan leather with durable metallic hardware (including a magnetic closure and industry-standard six-ring agenda), there’s a variety of covers to choose from. Whether you prefer a minimal and professional look, have a flair for florals, or love the energy of vibrant colorful patterns, you're sure to find a ring agenda cover that fits your style.

Step 2: Select Your Ring Agenda Planner Layout.

2024 LifePlanner™ Ring Agendas pictured above. Shop new arrivals in our LifePlanner™ Ring Agenda Collection.

Choose from our best-selling daily planner and weekly planner layouts. Featuring proven layouts of our best-in-class LifePlanner™, each comes with dated monthly calendars and either daily or weekly planning pages, plus note pages, productivity and goal-setting sections, and more.

Step 3: Pick Your Ring Agenda Planning Inserts.

The Erin Condren Ring Agenda Planner System comes with calendar and planning inserts you can customize to fit your schedule and style. But you can also add on other inserts to create a truly customized planner perfect for your needs now and when they shift. Some of the ring agenda content and note page inserts include:

  • Budget Inserts: Take back control of your money and make gains on your financial goals.
  • Wellness Inserts: Prioritize your health and make self-care a part of your daily routine.
  • Checklist Inserts: Create lovely lists, get stuff done, and enjoy checking things off as you go!
  • Meal Planning Inserts: Save time and money with easy-to-use meal planning pages.
  • Notebook Inserts: Choose the page layout that fits your style (lined, productivity, graph, or dot grid).

Choose the ring agenda inserts that will help you stay organized, on track to reach your goals, and more fun and function to each day.

Enhance Your Planner with Accessories.

Add more fun and function to your ring agenda planner with divider tabs, reusable productivity dashboards, pens and markers, sticky notes and planner stickers, and more. You can even add more storage with pouches and cases.

Take Your Ring Agenda Planner On the Go.

The Erin Condren Ring Agenda Planner System is portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The six-ring folio is sturdy and will protect your planner, inserts, notepads, pens and markers, and other accessories.

Creating your perfect planner with the Erin Condren Ring Agenda Planner System is easy, convenient, and fun. It’s the best way to get organized and plan your way so you can reduce stress, reach your goals, and free up more time for what matters most. Start building a life you love … start by building your perfect agenda planner.

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